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For many users, these apps are all they need. Beyond the assortment of moderately to highly capable apps, OS X has exceptional support for human languages and for people with various kinds of disabilities. But even where Microsoft doesn't have a product it wants to sell you -- for example, media playback and PDF markup -- its tools are decidedly inferior to OS X's.

Its services for sharing, notifications, and search are also both less capable and more clunkily implemented. The Metro apps are decidedly lightweight, offering fewer capabilities than even their iOS counterparts, and IE10 remains significantly behind all major browsers in its support for the emerging HTML5 standards. If you're willing to spend the money, you can manage Windows 8 PCs every which way from Sunday using tools such as Microsoft's System Center.

Remote installation, policy enforcement, application monitoring, software updating, and so forth are all available.

Apps for Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8 – Which OS is Doing a Better Job?

OS X Mountain Lion provides similar capabilities through its use of managed client profiles -- enforcing use of disk encryption is a new capability in this version -- through OS X Server. But the degree of control available to Windows admins -- as well as the number of tools to exert that control -- is greater than is available for OS X admins.

With nearly every computer these days connected to the Internet, security is a big focus, including both application security and data security.

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Windows has been a malware magnet for years, and antivirus software has been only partially effective in protecting PCs. Macs have been immune from most attacks, but in the last year, the Mac has seen a handful of high-profile Trojan attacks through plug-in technologies such as Oracle Java and Adobe Flash. So it's no surprise that Microsoft includes its Windows Defender antimalware app in Windows 8 and Apple has included antimalware detection in OS X Mountain Lion, with daily checks to update signatures and remove known malware.

Windows' registry does make it harder to truly eliminate malware than Apple's approach of relying on discrete files and folders that can simply be deleted if found to be harmful. But there are more tools available to monitor and protect Windows, commensurate to its greater risk.

Microsoft release new Windows 10 Cumulative Updates (changelog)

Both OSes' boot loaders include antimalware detection, and OS X has a password-protected firmware option to prevent startup from external disks; users can't bypass the startup password by opting for their own disk. One of OS X's handy features is that you can boot a Mac from external disks and network volumes easily, which is great for testing and shared environments. Thus, enabling disk encryption is easier in OS X. With Time Machine, it's dead simple to back up a Mac, and the backups can be encrypted and new to OS X Mountain Lion even rotated among multiple disks.

System restoration is also exceedingly easy, with no driver installation or command-line setup involved. Windows 8 does introduce File History, which backs up data files in certain locations to your choice of your startup disk, an external disk, or Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage service. Like Time Machine, File History keeps incremental versions of these files so that you can roll back to a previous point in time, but unlike Time Machine, it can't restore your whole PC in case of a crash or simply to transfer your environment to a new machine.

Because Windows 8 is Windows 7 with the Metro environment tacked on, it is compatible with all the software, hardware, and services you already have. Yes, some older PCs won't run it, but that's about resource requirements and lack of drivers for those that also don't support Windows 7. OS X Mountain Lion of course runs only on Apple's Macs, for which there is a smaller set of hardware and software available than for Windows.

Microsoft Windows 8 Vs Apple OS X Mountain Lion - MSPoweruser

And Apple is ruthless in dropping technologies over time as it deems them problematic or limiting, such as removing RSS support in its email client and browser in Mountain Lion. The truth is that the everyday hardware people use -- mice, keyboards, storage devices, printers, and displays -- work on Macs, and the same is true for mainstay software such as Microsoft Office and Intuit QuickBooks, though often as in these two cases with inferior versions.

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  • OS X is frequently underappreciated for its compatibility with corporate resources. OS X Mountain Lion is clearly the better value, offering more capability and ease-of-use -- the two factors that matter most to users -- than Windows 8. And the psychic price of Windows 8's split personality is quite high.

    For enterprises, OS X may have a higher cost for IT, at least initially, as staff must learn to manage and support the OS and the company must invest in tools to achieve the same level of management as the tools already purchased for Windows allow. Mac users tend to require less support than PC users, but that may be because most Mac users choose the platform and are thus more likely to be self-supporting in the first place.

    It's better designed, more capable, and -- contrary to many people's beliefs -- supportive of mainstream business security and management needs. But Windows supports a much wider universe of apps, so many people legitimately can only use a PC or a Windows virtual machine on a Mac. With the misguided UI mismatch in Windows 8, many users will no doubt be looking for alternatives. If you're in the market for a new PC, you should get one running Windows 7 while you still can October 26 is when Windows 8 takes over, though Windows 7 will still be available for enterprise customers.

    Microsoft Windows 8 Vs Apple OS X Mountain Lion

    Or move to a Mac. This story, "Deathmatch: Windows 8 vs. Galen Gruman is executive editor of InfoWorld and author of more than 40 how-to computing books. Current Job Listings. This software lets you make music or podcasts with a professional level of control. Good news for budding artists and journalists. A built-in calendar that will remind you when events are coming and update automatically with your mobile devices. Taking screenshots is not important unless you do a lot of work online. The most popular marketplace for music, TV shows, and movies. This tool lets you create and publish basic websites.

    If you want to see all of your open desktops and your widgets then Mission Control. Its only useful for users who make use of the current multiple desktops feature. Photo booth style photos, with a variety of funky effects. Its little more than a toy, but is a fun one. Your backup system. You set it once and it runs automatically at the set times.

    Just be aware that it can slow down older systems. Gatekeeper will be a new security feature for apps. It breaks up software into three categories: The system will allow additional download and security controls for apps found outside of the store, as well as checking them for security problems. Its good news for. An app to bring you right back to where you were before, your desktop. It seems a little bit silly to have an app for this.


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