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Check it out here : LePoulin Amp Pack. It still has a clean channel which ranges from clean to slightly overdriven tones and a lead channel which is just killer for for any kind of metal tones. The emissary plug-in bundle also includes the NadIR dual impulse response convolver, which is designed to be used as a cabinet simulator both for guitar and bass pre amplifiers.

Check it out here : Emissary by Ignite Amps. This one I also really liked, you can get a huge variety of sounds out of this plugin, from crisp clean tones and cool crunchy sounds, all the way to heavy metal tones. Check it out here: TSE x50v2.

Guitar Rig 5 Pro - Alternative Presets

You can change through the presets which all sounds fantastic. Also you have the ability to change the Mic placement on the cabinet. Check it out here : AmpLion. Thinking about building your first home studio? This is a great sounding plugin which covers a wide range of tones; from clean vintage sounds from the early days all the way to the high-gain heavy sounding metal tones.

I found that I needed to fiddle around with the controls a bit to get it to sound quite to my liking. It has a two channel design, Clean and Lead. You can get all kinds of tones out of it, from crisp cleans, all through crunch to really heavy metal tones.

Check it out here : Mercuriall Tube Amp Ultra Check it out here: Nick Crow Plugins.


It also comes with the TSE x50 v2, listed above. It sounds great, you can use it for all kinds of music, to get a blues tone, to make those rock sounds have that little extra bite to them. They added to the model two of the most common amplifier mods: Adjustment of the amount of feedback and addition of grid stopper resistors. They both can be turned off if you want to get the original amp sound. I'd much prefer to just send in a control message to change the presets in Massive and Guitar Rig.

Posted on Jan 30, PM. Page content loaded. I haven't been able to find a way to get it to work with Guitar Rig yet, but for Massive and presumably Reaktor I have found a solution. First, create an instance in MainStage, load it with Massive and load the presets you would like to use into Massive's preset bank. Turn it on so that it will respond to patch changes.

If it isn't in the list, click on 'New Assignment', which usually creates an Unmapped assignment in the 'All Devices' list. Click the area where it says No Assignment to bring up the Hardware Input popup menu. Choose your device, assign channel to , and change Type to absolute.

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From the number menu, choose the CC number you want to send the patch change. Name the input to something like CC to PG Click on it to highlight the mapping info. In the far left side of the Control Inspector, you'll see a list of items such as Same as Input, Block, etc.

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You will also see the name of the instance containing Massive. Select it to bring up a list of control parameters, such as Volume, Mute, etc.


The third item down in that menu is Program Change. Select it. You'll see the Parameter values for Program Change. For saved value, select the Program Change number you want to send. Number scheme is Post Yeah, it probably is. I've seen posts where people have problems with presets unless they update to when the presets were created.

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Georgia Rocker View Member Profile. Aug 23 , PM Post 1. Todd Simpson View Member Profile. Aug 24 , AM Post 2. Aug 24 , AM Post 3. Aug 24 , PM Post 4. I just read your post again and saw you were doing SCAN, sorry for the confusion. This is the first thing to try but you are already trying it.

Are you on Mac or PC? Which Version of operating system? Which Version of Guitar Rig? Can you run as a StandAlone App?

Sometimes this fixes the issue. Also, there is this fix. Make a folder called "custom" in the "My Documents" section of your computer. Open GR4 and in the presets bank section, create a completely new bank called "custom". Put all of your custom presets in the folder, located in My Documents. Open GR4 if it isn't already, and drag the presets from the "custom" folder to the "custom" bank.

Sorry it's giving you trouble. Being able to pull presets in is one of the best things about Guitar Rig.

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So it's pretty crucial to fix. Aug 24 , PM Post 5. Aug 24 , PM Post 6. Aug 25 , AM Post 7. Aug 25 , PM Post 8. Finny View Member Profile. Aug 25 , PM Post 9. Aug 25 , PM Post Sounds like you may just need the same update.